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Air Conditioning Repair in Sylmar, CA

We received a call for an estimate to replace his air conditioning equipment from Mr. Chang in Sylmar, CA and while on site we suggested he allow us to perform a utility sponsored tune-up for rebate qualification and while doing so we found the root of his issue which was a broken electrical wire. We proceeded with performing an air conditioning system tune-up and left his system running as efficient as possible considering its age and condition. Regardless of what Mr. Chang chooses to do with his system he doesn't have to make that decision under the stress of not having a working system.

Location: Sylmar, CA

Products Used: Filter, Coil Cleaner, Refrigerant
Client Review: George was great. My AC wasn't working and he looked over my AC system and discovered that the issue was a simple frayed wire. Once he fixed that, my AC was working again. He could've EASILY lied to me and tell me something more serious was the issue but he told the truth. His high rating exists for a REASON. This guy is the real deal. In this line of business, the most important thing is HONESTY and trying to do the job right. George and his staff is that.
- Paul Chang

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