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Ductwork Furnace Replacement AC System Replacement Encino, CA

Ductwork replacement. Clean-up and re-suspend existing furnaces and replace 1 of 2 air conditioners and coils and install filtration and air purification.

Our newest client had serious indoor air quality issues.

  • We went in and replaced all the ductwork located in the attic, removed poorly sized distribution plenums, sealed all equipment, ducting and wall box seams/joints.
  • Furthermore, we replaced 1 of 2 water leaking cooling coils and an outdoor air conditioner got updated with a new cooling coil
  • We installed high efficiency filtration along with whole home air purification.
  • We also performed duct cleaning to those ducts between floors that could not be replaced.

The Solution

Products Used: Ruud, Honeywell & APCO

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