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Springtime Air Conditioning Tune Ups Save Energy


If you're concerned with your energy consumption at home, you'll want to be sure your air conditioning system is providing you with cool air and isn't wasting energy in order to do so.

Many people move into a home or purchase a new air conditioner and don't understand just how important an air conditioner is until the unit breaks down or has problems cooling the house. Then the homeowner becomes aware that there's a mechanical system that needs attention.

It's a shame that this happens because in most cases, the break down could have been avoided with a simple inspection and tune-up performed prior to the warm season. This small step can mean a lot of energy savings for you this year.

Your air conditioner has to be cleaned and lubricated, and if parts are weak and struggling or broken, they can bring the whole system into a stressed state. An overloaded air conditioner will cause other components to labor and will likely break down altogether.

Other ways you can save on your energy costs this year is to make sure your home is properly insulated and weatherproofed. Weatherstripping should be functional and seal the doorways in your home. Caulking should seal the windows along with window stripping that wears off the window over time.

Areas where electrical wiring comes through, plumbing, or any other object that leads from the outdoors in need to be sealed and properly insulated.

Also, using energy-efficient drapes or curtains that are lined with a thermal backing will help quite a bit in homes where you can't replace the windows (as in rental homes you aren't allowed to change). These curtains may not stop as much energy transference, but they help a great deal, especially on windows that get more sunlight because the backing is reflective and will reflect the sun's energy.

Tinting the windows can also help. In fact, window film now comes with energy reflective properties that efficiently block energy transference.

Heated flooring for wintertime costs a lot less in energy consumption yet keeps the surfaces of your home warm, including the air. When the heat rises, it will warm everything around it because this is a type of radiant heat. Radiant heat penetrates objects instead of just heating the air.

All these methods can help you cut down on your energy costs. And the biggest savings you'll experience is going to be from your air conditioning tune up. You'll also be ensuring your system lasts as long as it should. If your system is warranted for fifteen years, it won't last near that long if it all goes ignored and left to fall apart.

The San Fernando Valley air conditioning contractors at iComfort Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with a professional HVAC inspection and air conditioning tune-up. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to explain what steps will be taken for your tune-up.

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