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What To Do If Your Furnace Won't Heat Your Home Well

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When trying to decide what furnace type is best for your home, it's a good idea to first understand how your home is currently being heated. If there's no furnace at all, you just start from scratch and find a heating system that's best for your home and the climate of the area.

If you do have a San Fernando Valley heating system, the furnace you have should be checked for malfunction because a few simple repairs or tweaks could make the difference you're looking for. Otherwise, you may just need a little bit of supplementation to keep the areas of your home warm that isn't quite getting there.

In our area, we face temperate winter weather that doesn't get too far below freezing during wintertime. In our area of the country, which means we don't need extensive heating systems in our home. The central air unit that provides a heat pump furnace system is a good furnace type for homes in the San Fernando Valley area.

Radiating heat is best as a supplement because it heats the surfaces of the room and not just the air like the forced air furnace systems do. The heat pump furnace system is a forced-air system, so if it's not quite getting a room you spend a lot of time in warm enough, add a small portable or ductless type of heating furnace to the room, and you're all set.

The heaters in warmer climates don't have to work as hard and don't need to be as efficient as those do in climates that drop well below freezing often in the winter months.

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Depending on your home's layout and how your furnace is powered, you'll have options for making changes to the home's heating system. The right San Fernando Valley furnace should heat your entire home, but replacing the furnace isn't always the answer.

Older homes tend to be harder to heat because of poor insulation factors. You could have a perfectly working furnace yet never get your home warm. In this type of scenario, getting a heating furnace that provides radiating heat which will heat the home surfaces as well as the air may be a better choice than continuing to try to heat the air with a forced-air system.

Your professional heating technicians at iComfort Heating and Air Conditioning can evaluate your home's furnace or current heating system and make the best recommendations for you. Our HVAC professionals are only a phone call away any time you need repairs as well.

Let us come check out why your San Fernando Valley furnace isn't giving you enough heat and make some suggestions to solve the issues. With today's furnace options, there's going to be a way we can help you with keeping warm and safe in your home.

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