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Air Cleaning & Purification Options

Ac filter

The first type of air cleaners for homes was made to trap coal dust in coal ovens in 1963. As the heat rose through the coal oven, a filter attached to the air outlet trapped the coal dust particles. Later, people realized that the air cleaner also helped eliminate dust in the home. Fewer people were suffering from allergies and asthma flare-ups.

Since then, different air cleaners were marketed to filter the air. Later, air purification systems scrubbed the air, not just filtered it.

The term air cleaner can mean any kind of device which removes impurities from the air. This includes those systems that remove suspended particles by filtering, washing, electrostatic precipitation, ionizing, or destroying airborne pathogens with UV light. People tend to use the terms air cleaner and air purification system interchangeably.

Whole-home air cleaners and purifiers will clean the air inside your home much more effectively than portable systems. They work continuously and automatically to purify the air throughout the home. They are very quiet. The filters also last way longer than portable air filtration systems. They work much better.Have your San Fernando Valley Heating and Air professionals take care of you!

UVGI Air Cleaners

When you think of purifying the air, you may be wondering what the UV light purifiers actually do. UV light is used by hospitals to purify equipment. It kills the microorganisms which pass through the area. Microorganisms are microscopic living organisms like bacteria, fungi, algae, germs, mold, mildew, and viruses.

When installed in your HVAC system, the UVGI Air cleaner uses a UV lamp which constantly works to kill microbes from the air that circulates inside your home. This is the best type of UV light purification system because it handles large volumes of air throughout your entire home as opposed to a portable UV air cleaner.

Air Ionizers Electronic Air Cleaners

The air ionizer, or ion generator, releases negative ions into the air where they attach to particles in the air. Particles like dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and pet dander are then charged. The particles are then attracted to surfaces like the floors, drapes, walls, or other particles.

Electrostatic Precipitation Electronic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic precipitators draw air into the purifier where it passes through an ionizing system. The particles are charged and then continue through a purifier where they attach to plates that are negatively charged. Sticking to the plates, they build up and need to be cleaned off.

Both Ionizers and Electrostatic Precipitation systems are electronic air cleaners. While they do effectively treat small particles, they do not treat gasses or indoor air pollution.

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